runDisney news 6/11/2017 – 6/17/2017

Hi friends!

Here’s the latest on runDisney news for the week of 6/11/17 through 6/17/17. Just a few standout pieces of news, including updates on the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Weekend, Disneyland races and everyone’s favorite Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend! Here’s what you may have missed:

Happy Father’s Day!

To all the dads out there, you deserve all the love and praise today!

My dad and I share a love of Disney and have gone to Walt Disney World on numerous occasions just the two of us! I love my Disney dad and I will always be a Daddy’s Girl. Happy Father’s Day to the man who knows me better than I know myself. Love you, Dad!

runDisney news 6/4/2017 – 6/10/2017

Hi friends!

In an effort to keep you up to speed on the latest runDisney news, I’ve decided to create a series which will be posted every Monday, filling you in on what you may have missed the week before.

Whistle While You Work: Top 5 Animal Kingdom Music Tracks To Get You Through the Day

Back for the fourth and final installment of my Whistle While You Work Walt Disney World Resort music series! To finish in chronological order, today we are featuring the global, exotic, and colorful music tracks from Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Happy Global Running Day!


To all my running friends near and far, Happy Global Running Day!

Running has taught me more about myself than I ever thought possible. What they say is true; the good habits I have established through running and training have seeped into other parts of my life, making me feel the happiest, healthiest and most confident I have ever felt. I have also met many running friends along the way and am so grateful for the miles we have shared together.

When I made the decision to run my first runDisney race February 2016, the Princess Half/ my first-ever half marathon, I never expected to experience such a euphoric sense of accomplishment. There is no greater feeling than crossing a finish line. Oftentimes the emotions I experience during a race are overwhelming, and yes I tend to be in tears of joy by the time I receive my medal.

I am looking forward to many more years of running, race swag, runDisney vacations, and (hopefully!) PRs.

To anyone who is curious, I dare you to make that choice today. Begin your running journey and be prepared to have it change your life.

Happy running!

Gina / Will Run for Disney